Cloth Dryer

How to redeem the free gift?

For Purchase in store:

1. Register a free account here at before May 16th, 2014.

2. Send an e-mail with subject "Sunlight Free Gift Promotion" to with your registered email, then you will receive a redeem code by email.

3. Purchase any model of Sunlight Range Hood from our authorized sellers (see store locations in About Us section) during April 5th - May 16th, 2014.   

4. Present the redeem code to the seller when you make the purchase.

5. Receive the free gift at the time you finish the transaction.

6. If you have already purchased within the promotion period before you see this promotion, you still qualify for the free gift. Finish step 1&2, bring the redeem code and your receipt to one of our 4 locations. 

For Purchase online:

Just register a free account at and purchase your choice of Sunlight Range Hood during the promotion period, your free gift will be issued at the same time of your purchase. 

Promotion Offer:

a. Free electric ceramic stove when purchasing Sunlight range hood over $100*

b. Free 6cup rice cooker when purchasing Sunlight range hood over $300*

c. Free Cartoon Ultrasonic Humidifier when purchasing Sunlight range hood over $500*

*All prices are before taxes.

Offer is valid until May 16st, 2014. Promotion is ONLY valid with registration.

Cuisine Talent Enterprises Ltd reserve the right to end or change the promotion without further notice.




1. 在2014年5月16號前在 網站或點此註冊一個免費帳號。

2. 用您的註冊的郵箱發送標題為" Sunlight Free Gift Promotion"郵件到,之後您會在郵箱里收到一個換領號碼。

3. 在2014年4月5日至2014年5月16日期間在指定特約經銷商購買任何型號的新威抽油煙機

4. 購買新威抽油煙機的同時告知店員您的換領號碼。

5. 您馬上獲得額外的電器禮品。

6. 如果您在優惠期內已經購買了新威抽油煙機而未有換領禮品,您也合符獲得額外電器禮品的資格。只要完成上述第一和二步驟,帶換領號碼和購買新威抽油煙機的發票拿到我們的特約經銷商即能取回相應的電器禮品。


只需在此 註冊一個免費賬號并在優惠期間購買任何一款新威抽油煙機,您的禮品將和抽煙煙機一起收到。


a. 購滿$100*,送電陶爐

b. 購滿$300*,送6杯電飯鍋




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