De'Longhi Gran Dama ESAM6620 Auto Espresso
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The Gran Dama by De’Longhi is an all-in-one stainless steel automatic espresso machine that prepares cappuccinos, lattes or Italian macchiatos with the simple touch of a button and features a compact easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean patented brew group and digital operation. Be your own barista with the Gran Dama! For the freshest results, the patented direct-to-brew system grinds beans instantly before brewing. With five coffee-strength settings from extra-mild to extra-strong, everyone gets their ideal flavour. Always know when it's time to clean the machine with the decalcification indicator. Preheat your cups for the best results by using the integrated cup warmer. This machine is safe, convenient, and maintains the ideal temperature for brewing with the instant reheat function. The Gran Dama does all the work for you!

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Patented Autocappuccino System: get your perfect Cappuccino, the Italian Caffelatte and Latte Macchiato
Personalising the coffee as often as you want has never been easier. Choose from short, medium or long, try a strong or extra mild aroma, enjoy it piping hot or at medium temperature.
The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee
You can prepare two cups of coffee with a single brewing
Removable brewing unit with variable capacity
Integrated coffee grinder with 13 grinding settings
Adjustable coffee quantity
Adjustable water quantity
Adjustable coffee dispenser from 95 mm to 155 mm height.
Programmable automatic switch-on and shut-off
Empty water and beans container indicator
Coffee-grounds container capacity indicator: 14 cups or after 72 hours from first use
Removable water reservoir (total capacity 1.8 l.)
Cleaning warning for cappuccino system
Rinse and decalcification functions
Programming of water hardness
Cup warmer
Removable drip tray with water level indicator
Rapid Cappuccino
New patented thermoblock: to grant the espresso at the ideal and constant temperature
Main power supply switch for zero consumption
Sound feedback
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  • Manufacturer: De'Longhi

De'Longhi Gran Dama ESAM6620 Auto Espresso

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