MAXSUN Deep Gril Pan and Gas Stove Set MS-8
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Cartridge to be usedMSF-1a&MSF-1(CRV)

3 Layered Non-stick grill pan made of 3.0mm aluminum alloy die casting, 30x23cm and 4cm deep square pan ideal for beef stew, fish pot stew and soup with mixed seafood

Stainless steel flat bar burner - 70 burner ports ensure high heat efficiency and even heating without flame lift

Stainless steel reflection plate (heat shield)

Tempered glass lid

Folding handle - easy to pack the appliance in the plastic carrying case

Built in fail-safe device - New 2 stage dual safety cut off controls cartridge ejection mechanise& gas flow cut-off mechanism

Safe and precise power control - two step control knob operation and V1 plug type tap

  • Item #: 10004696
  • Manufacturer: Maxsun

MAXSUN Deep Gril Pan and Gas Stove Set MS-8

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